We strive to make our website barrier-free. To comply with the law on barrier-free information & communication technology in Berlin (BIKTG Bln), we applied a declaration on digital accessibility as of March 2023 on the website of Berlin Mondiale. We also revisited the technical requirements for accessibility based on BITV 2.0. Law.
How barrier-free is the website of Berlin Mondiale?
This declaration of accessibility is based on a self-assessment that has been carried out by Berlin Mondiale together with Henkelhiedl. The result of the self-assessment concludes that there quirements of BITV 2.0 are only partially met. Therefore this website is only partially accessible.
Which areas are not barrier-free on the website of Berlin Mondiale?
● The contents of this website have not yet been translated into plain language and German sign language (among other languages used in the website).
● Alternative multimedia solutions such as ALT text and audiovisuals have not yet been provided.

Incompatibilities with BITV 2.0 Areas that are not barrier-free will be made up for in 2024.
Contact for feedback or questions about digital accessibility
If you encounter any barriers when using our website, please contact us. We aim to respond to your inquiries as soon as we can.

Arwa Damerji
Communication and Network
T +49 (0)157 315 449 79

Ideally, we would like to fulfill all of the technical requirements for accessibility according to BITV 2.0. law to ensure barrier-free information and communication for everyone. This is an ongoing process for us. We are happy to receive your feedback regarding the current status of accessibility of the website. You can also contact the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility for further information or response.
Link to the contact form:
Further information on the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility:


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