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Dr. Sabine Kroner (she/her/-)

Project Lead
DE | EN | FR | POL | RU

Sabine has built Berlin Mondiale since 2015 into a city-wide, interdisciplinary network in the context of migration, asylum, and exile. She studied Political Science, Ethnology, and German Studies in Göttingen,  Krakow and Warsaw. Her doctorate in migration policy was completed at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), where she previously taught. As chairperson of the Urbane Praxis e.V. board and member of the Council for the Arts, she advocates for the cross-departmental and structural implementation of Urban Practice.

Portrait of the team member

Laura Werres (she/her)

Program Curation and Network
DE  | EN

Laura is responsible for program curation and network.

Portrait of the team member

Chris Wachholz (she/her)

Finances and Contracts 

Chris manages the project's finances, contracts, and controlling aspects, using her 20+ years of experience to acquire third-party funding, create financial plans, and coordinate reporting, statistics, and documentation. She is responsible for communicating with grantors, cooperating partners, and fee earners to ensure efficient and effective communication. Additionally, Chris is responsible for fundraising and applying for grants to support the project's goals.

Portrait of the team member

Houssein Tarabichi (he/him)

Program Direction | Urbane Praxis
AR | DE | EN | FR

Houssein is an architect who studied in Damascus, Berlin, and Weimar and was a founding member of the Urban Practice project office. He is an urban activist focused on participatory socio-cultural urban design. Currently, Houssein works on developing concepts and programs for Berlin Mondiale, with a specific focus on coordinating with the cooperation partner degewo and utilizing two different locations: Platz ohne Name and Apfelsinenplatz.

Portrait of the team member

Fetewei Tarekegn (he/him)

Program Direction | Site Coordination

Fetewei is an artist, urban gardener, and radio host who focuses on migration and migrants' experiences in the West. He studied sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia and Germany and is passionate about creating sustainable urban spaces that promote intercultural connections through gardening and other cultural activities. At Nachbarschafts-Campus Dammweg, he works on various projects and curates cultural activities that bring people from different backgrounds together.

Portrait of the team member

Martina Del Ben (she/her)

Site Coordination "Platz ohne Name"
DE | IT | EN

Martina is a product design and spatial strategies expert with a strong focus on urban development. She specializes in revitalizing rural areas using innovative cultural methods and social interventions. At Berlin Modiale, Martina coordinates arts and culture programs at the "Platz ohne Name" hub in Marzahn, leveraging public space to promote social development within the district.

Portrait of the team member

Arwa Damerji (she/her)

Network and Communication
DE | EN | AR

Arwa is a visual communication designer and sustainability strategist with a focus on creative industries. At Berlin Mondiale, she is responsible for the overall communication and communication strategy. She also coordinates networking events and manages the open office hours.

Portrait of the team member

Bianca Maria Fasiolo (she/her)

Site Coordination 
DE | IT | EN 

Bianca coordinates and monitors the program at Apfelsinenplatz-Gropiusstadt. She has worked as an art educator and mediator for several years. She has collaborated with various galleries and museums in Berlin, as well as international contemporary art festivals.

Portrait of the team member

Felix Clasbrummel (he/him)

Site Coordination 
DE | EN | FR | IT | NE

He is a humanities scholar and organizer. Previously, he worked as an event manager and future research consultant for German media corporations. At the Dammweg hub, he coordinates the interplay of activities, groups, and structures.

Portrait of the team member

Helia Jafarzadeh (she/her)

Communication Assistance 
FA | EN | DE

She is a designer and photographer who studied photography in Tehran and is currently pursuing a degree in Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts (KHB). She works as a communications assistant at Berlin Mondiale, supporting the development of visual and communicative materials


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