AFICIONADO album release by Alaa Zouiten

February 1, 2023

SHMISHA - Official Video from the album "AFICIONADO - Flamenco Moro"

Alaa Zouiten dreamed of combining flamenco and North African Moorish music. He fulfilled his dream by traveling to Andalusia to learn flamenco and composing an album dedicated to these two cultures. He believed that the fusion of flamenco and Moroccan music could be authentic, natural, and fascinating. He named the album AFICIONADO - Flamenco Moro. The album celebrates the blending of flamenco and Moorish-Andalusian music. The music blends various styles, where a "fandango" may lead to an ancient Andalusian "nuba" song, a "tango" may sound rhythmically North African and harmonically jazzy, or an Arabic "samai" may lead to a "solea flamenca".

AFICIONADO is a captivating tale of a Moroccan oud player who was initially more drawn to classical Arabic music than his country's traditional sounds. However, his passion for flamenco and dedication to mastering the art led him to become an "aficionado," ultimately enhancing his appreciation of his own heritage. It was through exploring the similarities between flamenco and his country's music that he reconnected with his roots. The result is a festive musical experience where the musicians become one with the audience as a result of this fusion of cultures.

Composition and Arrangement:
Alaa Zouiten

Audio Recording:
Alaa Zouiten - Oud
Israel Suarez El Piraña - Percussions, Palmas
Rhani Krija - Riq
Roland Satterwhite - Violin
Ayman Hlal - Violin
Shasta Ellbogen - Viola
Emilia Viktoria Lomakova - Cello
Yazan Ibrahim - Guitar

Mix and Mastering:
Marian Hafenstein
Recorded at Possible Studio Berlin

Video Production:
Alaa Zouiten - Oud
Montserrat Suarez - Baile Flamenco
Roland Satterwhite - Violin
Ayman Hlal - Violin
Shasta Ellbogen - Viola
Emilia Viktoria Lomakova - Cello
Antonio Piñera Pumuki - Cajon
Magda Almeida & Ñusta - Palmas

Video Artist : Mahir Duman
Director of Photography : Peter Bromme
1st Assistant Camera : Dorothea Pilz
Gaffer : Abhishek Kolge
Production Assistant : Moncef El Atifi
Production Manager : Amina Naami
Director : Iveta Rysava
Filmed at : Flutgraben Berlin
Special Thanks to : Juan Cardenas, Diego Gardo and Omar Zak

This video is sponsored by Musikfonds e.V. , GVL and Berlin Mondiale. We are delighted to be part of this personal and poetic musical project of Alaa Zouiten and very grateful to everyone who took part in this project and shared their talent with us!


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